A volunteer cuts a steak for a guest at SVdP's Phoenix Dining Room.

Love is cutting a man's steak

When a guest was having trouble with his food, a volunteer stepped in as a small act of love

At recent celebration at SVdP's Phoenix Dining Room, the guests were given a very special treat: Steak cooked to perfection by renowned chefs from around the Valley. It was all in honor of former SVdP volunteer Muhammad Ali, as long time donor, Jimmy Walker, likes to honor his late friend each year by giving back to the community. 

In the midst of that special generosity, a guest was having trouble with his steak. A volunteer paused from the business around him and took a moment to engage with the man. He was an older man, weathered from his time on the street. He needed help with his food, and the volunteer happily agreed.

Deftly taking the fork and knife, he cut up the steak so the guest could eat it easier, then he wished him a good day and continued on serving the hundreds of other guests present. 

The moment wasn't huge, nor was it a grand gesture, but it shows how love, dignity and generosity can make someone's day that much better, as well as how each day at SVdP is full of little moments like it.