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Urban Farm Goats

SVdP's got some new volunteers helping on its urban farms this summer

Some surprising volunteers are serving on St. Vincent de Paul's urban farms this summer. Pop by and you'll find goats hard at work feasting on weeds and helping to keep clear SVdP's vegetable beds of any unneccesary growth. The goats are available thanks to Joseph Yanez, SVdP's water truck program supervisor, who is lending his small herd to SVdP's farm team in the spirit of creative and sustainable solutions. Weeding is grueling work usually left to some of the most determined farm volunteers, but these goats make it look easy, pulling out each weed, root and all. Plus, the goats get a tasty meal out of it. "It's a full circle," says Taylor Scarpelli, associate farm manager. See the goats in action in the latest video in SVdP's Behind the Hope series. Watch above or click here

Behind the Hope is brought to you by SVdP's Bruce Cooper and Chris Peterson.