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Take the credit and help St. Vincent de Paul

Each day at St. Vincent de Paul we feed, clothe, house and heal those in need. But, we don’t do it alone. In fact, we are asking YOU to take the credit—the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, that is. 

The credit allows you to receive dollar-for-dollar credit against any Arizona state tax liability you may have for gifts you make to St. Vincent de Paul. 

This credit effectively reduces your tax liability for the year. Single donors can take up to $421 in credits and married couples filing jointly can take up to $841. 

Since St. Vincent de Paul is a Qualifying Charitable Organization, any donations made to us before April 15 may qualify for the Tax Credit for the previous year. 

Your donation may be claimed as a deduction on the Federal Tax return and a credit on your Arizona taxes. The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit may be used in addition to any other credits you are eligible to take such as public or private school credits or the foster care credit

Please remember that we are not tax advisers and you should consult your tax adviser or the Arizona Department of Revenue’s website at for more information. 

We sincerely hope you take advantage of this opportunity to “take the credit” while helping our neighbors in need. Thank you!

To donate over the phone, call 602.266.GIVE (4483). 

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