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After being on the verge of losing everything, SVdP helped make a new home

Originally from Chicago, Shakura came to Arizona for new opportunities and opened her own salon. "I wanted a huge change for me and my kids," she said.

She brought her family with her, excited to start a new life, but trouble came with the economy and they ended up losing almost everything. That's when they came into contact with SVdP. Social work services was able to work with them and help them find a house. Then they referred Shakura and her family to the Bringing Hope Home program, which furnished her house for free, so they wouldn't have to spend the bulk of their next paychecks on furniture instead of necessities like food or rent.

On move-in day, her kids were so excited that her daughter jumped up and down on her new bed. 

"It means a lot for me," Shakura said. "For the simple fact that, where I come from, these opportunities are just not given. It's a blessing."

The Bringing Hope Home series is brought to you by SVdP's Bruce Cooper and Chris Peterson.