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Veronica Rios

She teared up at the realization that her family will be okay

Like so many, Veronica Rios has struggled in the last year. 

She lost her place and has been trying to raise her kids with what she had left. All she wanted was a safe place for her family, but any chances evaded her. 

Fortunately, she found SVdP, where the social workers were not only able to help her find an apartment, but they also recommended her to the Bringing Hope Home program, which furnishes homes of individuals and families newly off the street. She was able to move into her new home with her family in tow. 

"We have nothing in the apartment right now," Veronica said, fighting back tears as she picked our furniture at SVdP's Hope Chest. "Nothing at all... I'm happy, I'm gratefull... I'm so grateful. We're going to have a place to lay our heads."  

The Bringing Hope Home series is brought to you by SVdP's Bruce Cooper and Chris Peterson. 

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