100 Days of Summer

100 Days of Summer kicks off with 3 big news items!

Calling for community help with Water, Food, Shelter from Memorial Day through Labor Day

St. Vincent de Paul's 100 Days of Summer campaign, which invites the community to follow and support the nonprofit for 100 days during the charity’s toughest season of need, returns in a big way. Each summer month is dedicated to a high-need item.

June = Water
July = Food
August = Shelter

This season kicks off with three important events:

1.    Opening SVdP’s new City Center shelter
In partnership with the City of Phoenix, SVdP’s new City Center shelter opens with 52 beds available for referral from SVdP’s Washington St. shelter. City Center is an interim housing community and focuses on residents who are more independent and further along the path to self-sufficiency. Read the full announcement here...

2.    Heat relief services
SVdP heat relief operations have already begun in some locations, and will be in full swing by June 1, running through Sept. 30. Learn about SVdP's cooling stations, overnight shelters, as well as heat relief locations and hours. Find out more here...

3.    Community water drive
One of the easiest opportunities to participate in SVdP’s 100 Days of Summer starts with our annual water drive in partnership with Bashas’ and Food City. For the month of June, SVdP is asking the community to donate online at stvincentdepaul.net/water or at the register of their local Bashas’ or Food City. Find out more here...

Shine by Sharing: Support ABC15 Water Drive

Just $25 buys 170 bottles of water for SVdP to distribute through its services and street relief.

In 2022, Maricopa County recorded 425 heat-associated deaths with a significant number of whom were people experiencing homelessness. Equally concerning are families behind on bills being forced onto the streets mid-summer when the heat is life-threatening. Low-income families already face typical summer challenges with higher utility bills, increased childcare costs and limited access to school food programs.

By staying engaged and supporting 100 Days of Summer, the community can help SVdP respond to all these increased summer needs.

Visit stvincentdepaul.net/100-days-summer to learn more and get started.

Support SVdP for 100 Days of Summer

Help us respond to all the increased summer needs